In our project-based curriculum, learners solve real-world problems and explore complex questions

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Give grades
a deeper

In standards-based grading, learners make progress by mastering learning outcomes. Our platform helps teachers give quality feedback and meaningful grades by breaking down each national standard with rubrics.

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Explore HERO's Features

Learn about all the features your learners and teachers need to facilitate learning, give feedback, and communicate

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Integrate your tools

Integrates with ed tech tools like Google for Education or Office 365

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Learn collaboratively and virtually

Enables learners to be active in communities, chat, mobile notifications, and messaging

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Think online and the classroom

Empowers teachers to work in an online, blended, or classroom model

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Get data and take action

Tracks the data teachers and school leaders need to improve instruction and personalize learning

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Design projects quickly

Makes it easy to create new projects or modify existing projects to personalize learning for your learners.

  • The project choices are ample and challenge students from all walks of life and learning styles.
    David Kindt
    Watervliet Public Schools
  • HERO is pedagogically intuitive. It’s designed by teachers as opposed to a software company. It has got all the information that you need for PBL, it’s got all the standards that you need.
    Andy Carpenter
    Plymouth School of Creative Arts
  • HERO has really helped us in navigating through standards and knowing what standards a student still needs to earn credits as well as keeps the students aware of what they received when submitting projects.
    Chriss Foster
    Niles Community Schools
  • Student accountability improves with HERO, accommodating different levels and paces of learning.
    Siobhan Lambert
    WAY Academy of Flint
  • It gives at-risk students a much wider window for success.
    Jamie Cartier
    Mt. Pleasant Public Schools
  • I really enjoy that you are able to pull almost any data necessary for the students' progress from credit attainment, logins and attendance, submissions, and browsing history.
    James Middleditch
    WAY Michigan
  • I like having a chat option available especially when it comes to [online teachers]. Students have quick and easy help and it's great!
    Tyler Burbach
    Eau Claire Public Schools
  • HERO gives us the ability to have distance learning that is relevant and rigorous for our students.
    Ted Kroll
    Livingston Educational Service Agency
  • HERO allows students to earn credits at a quicker pace and allows individualized instruction for learners who were not successful in a traditional classroom setting.
    Tim Kumar
    Clio Public Schools
  • I like the integration of PBL, curriculum and assessment in HERO. It’s really well thought through. It has helped us scaffolding PBL for staff and students.